If I say so myself …

As far as men go, it is not what they are that interests me, but what they can become.
– Jean-Paul Sartre

I am a Trainer.

I believe my results indicate I am a highly effective trainer (some say excellent and inspiring, but you will have to speak to my referees – I couldn’t possibly comment * …)

As a trainer what do I offer you?

If you want a healthy percentage of successful, qualified participants, I do that.

If you want your students to get something more than just the qualification – if you want them to be quickly able to operate effectively in the industry because they understand the broader context of the training, I do that.

If you need someone who can communicate with and engage people from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities – for example people with English as a second language, difficult people, unmotivated people, people who are intelligent and capable but stopped for some reason, to high profile individualsI do that.

If you want more than that – motivation, enhanced life skills, success stories – I can give you that.

I am always looking for interesting new opportunities.
If you offer such an opportunity where I can also make a difference for you, I would love to discuss the possibilities.

I love training and I get results. My students get qualifications but in my classes people get transformed.

Because I love training, students enjoy being in my classes and therefore attendance and compliance are generally excellent.

As a Trainer (people say) I am entertaining, energetic, bright, enthusiastic, optimistic, friendly, sometimes challenging, always empathetic and, of course, always professional (if I say so myself).

*Actually, here is what one of my referees has said:

As a trainer, Graham Giblin is outstanding and highly competent in delivering both accredited and non-accredited training. He is one of the most effective and transformative trainers that I have met or recruited over the past 30 years. He is passionate and tenacious as a trainer.
Graham … is adept at communicating with a diverse range of people, across different cultural jurisdictions and interests. He is quick to assess a person’s strength/s, and to affirm them in exploring opportunities to capitalise their skills in the workplace or community.

Managers for whom I have delivered training have also expressed confidence in my work.

Thank you for your excellent work with this [Early School Leaver] group. Knowing these kids as we do, I think that you performed a minor miracle in getting the 5 who started to all get to the end of the course!

You’re still working your magic Graham =) well done!

During five and a half years as a Trainer ­– particularly of clients with barriers –  I have worked (and, through professional development, attended training) towards developing skills in both training and one-on-one coaching and facilitation to help students move forward.

As well as continuing to maintain currency and to extend my industry skills in the areas I am qualified to train I have over my career worked with many satisfied clients, and enjoyed several achievements and awards.

My students consistently rate me between “excellent” and “outstanding”. In my first series of training sessions the participants’ rated me in feedback

      • Listened well 100%
      • Explained clearly 100%
      • Understood people 100%
      • Involved the group 100%
      • More than 72% of the participants said my presentations had been “Excellent”.

Other qualities that I believe I bring and have demonstrated include:

      • demonstrated committed team player
      • ready and willing to take on leadership roles when appropriate
      • willingness to assist, participate, and take on roles outside my responsibilities
      • commitment to clients and to results
      • good problem-solver and innovative thinker
      • demonstrated ability to deal effectively with difficult, disgruntled and angry clients
      • commitment to excellence

If you'd like more information or to arrange a meeting, you can ring me of course, or email me, or fill out this form and I'll respond to you promptly.